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Chiropractic for Kids

We’re a family-friendly clinic. In fact, one of our main goals is to help parents raise healthy, well-adjusted kids.

Children account for roughly 1 in 3 of our chiropractic patients. It’s true – from newborns through early teens, we love helping kids!

You see, children are particularly susceptible to trauma in their spines from all types of forces, ranging from the birthing process to normal kid stuff like riding a bike or skateboarding. These traumas can place pressure on their spinal nerves, decreasing their bodies’ ability to function normally.

Regular chiropractic checkups can:

  • identify potential spinal injury from these traumas
  • make corrections early in life
  • help avoid many of the health complaints seen later in adults

A safe, natural alternative

Chiropractic care for children is safe, gentle, and effective.

It allows for the opportunity to maximum your child’s potential for well-being. It’s a drug-free healthcare option that supports the child’s own natural ability to be healthy.

The nervous system controls the function of the body; any interference to it can have wide-ranging effects. Chiropractic’s goal is to remove interference caused by spinal nerve stress. By removing this interference, the natural healing power running through the body is unleashed, often with profound results.

Unchecked spinal nerve stress can interfere with the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Symptoms of spinal nerve stress, such as pain and malfunction, may not show up for years. However, injury to the vital nervous system can have a lifetime of damaging effects.

Spinal nerve stress is also referred to as vertebral subluxations, the subluxation complex, or simply “pinched nerves”.

A child riding a bike, wearing a helmet
Children are susceptible to trauma in their spines from all types of forces, from the birthing process to riding a bike.

How does it work?

Your Chiropractor will start by taking a case history, then analyzing the spinal column and related structures for balance and proper function, looking for places where the spinal column is found to be functioning improperly.

Once found, the Chiropractor will use hands and/or specialized instruments to gently and specifically correct the abnormal areas. The nerve system is freed from stress as the spine and cranium regain their intended state of balance.

The ICPA has undertaken a series of groundbreaking studies on the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for children. The results are outstanding, and show that chiropractic care is absolutely safe for children.

Does it hurt?

No. We use very specific, very gentle techniques to care for children. In fact, some adjustments can be as light as a finger touch!

Dr. David Helmkay is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and has taken postgraduate classes on specific techniques for pregnant mothers, infants, and children.

We find that most parents tell us that their children enjoy their chiropractic adjustments and even look forward to subsequent visits!

Getting started

We’d love to help enhance your child’s ability to function in a greater state of health. Contact us to set up a consultation to with a Chiropractor who is dedicated to serving your children with the utmost of care.

Chiropractic Rates

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Standard Pricing

  • Initial Consultation $100.00
  • Re-Exam* $75.00
  • Subsequent Visits $60.00
  • Emergency Calls** $100–$150

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  • Initial Consultation $77.00
  • Re-Exam* $52.00
  • Subsequent Visits $37.00
  • Emergency Calls** $100–$150

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