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Exercise & Nutrition

The impact of exercise and nutrition on your overall health and wellbeing is undeniable. Providing education on these subjects is a key part of the experience at SouthCare.

Nutrition and exercise are fields that are constantly evolving, and we’re committed to staying on top of research and developments in both areas.

We do our best to inform our patients of nutrition and exercise that would support their specific needs. If required, our chiropractors will also provide referrals to other recommended healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists and RMTs.

Keep reading to learn more about the roles exercise and nutrition play in improving chiropractic care.

Exercise & rehabilitation

Exercise is a key component of healthy living. The cumulative effect of consistent exercise is part of what allows you to enjoy the health you were born with.

Neglecting exercise is a common precursor to nervous system dysfunction. Spinal pain and athletic injury is often caused by gradual, less forceful overload that is repeated over and over again, leading to increased stress on tissues and joints.

Common contributors to these stresses and imbalances:

  • inactivity
  • sitting
  • poor-posture
  • repetitive movements & activities

These stresses manifest themselves in pain, weakness, and other dysfunction. They may also lead to deconditioning, which is a serious concern overall. Deconditioning can lead to fragility, which itself brings a host of other concerns, especially as we age.

We aim to correct these problems through:

  • chiropractic manipulation
  • soft tissue manipulation
  • re-establishing good patterns & movements

Put another way, exercise is a key component used in chiropractic to reinforce and maintain good, healthy, and stress-limited movements.

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Exercise videos from the CCGI

The Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI) has recently launched a new series of exercise videos for patients that we’re really excited about.

Click on the following links to access these new videos and related exercise forms:

A woman eating fast food french fries
Do yourself a favour and ditch the poor eating habits. Your body (and your chiropractor) will thank you!

Nutrition & chiropractic

Chiropractors are in a unique situation compared to many other healthcare practitioners. Rather than simply treating and managing disease, we’re committed to improving the overall health and wellbeing of our patients.

Nutrition and chiropractic go hand-in-hand, and helping our patients improve their nutritional habits is an important goal here at SouthCare. By doing so we can offer our patients a much more well-rounded (or “holistic”) approach to improving their lives.

In fact, we’ve found through experience that when a patient improves their nutritional habits, they respond even better to chiropractic care.

On the other hand, patients who insist on continuing with poor dietary intake (such as downing a 6-pack or more of beer every day) unsurprisingly struggle to see results.

Finally, by incorporating nutrition education into our day-to-day practice, our patients are able to make better informed decisions that will have a lasting impact on their health.

And when you feel better, we feel better.

Dr. David is the best!!! My body has never been healthier.

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